Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer “all over” printing?

We do not offer “all over” printing, “all over” printing is achieved through a process known as belt printing.

Do you offer 4-color process?

We no longer utilize the 4-color printing process. Instead, we use a more modern Simulated Process method to produce stunning full color images on both light and dark garments. The simulated process method delivers color accuracy, clarity, opacity, and consistency beyond the typical results achieved through traditional 4-color process.

Do you offer foil transfer printing?

Yes!  We do offer foil transfer printing.

Do you print on jackets?

Motion Company does not offer printing on jackets. In most cases jackets are double lined or made of synthetic fabric and are better suited for embroidery applications.

What kind of ink do you use?

We primarily use plastisol inks. Plastisol inks are comprised of three parts: PVC resin, plasticizer, and pigment. Plastisols can be modified to achieve a wide range of textures and opacity and will adhere to most textiles. Plastisol inks must be heated to dry. For a complete cure, they must reach 290-330º F (143-166º C).

Are your inks environmentally friendly?

Our inks are innocuous when used with reasonable care.  Our ethical practices and California State law require adherence to the highest standards of safe handling and safe disposal of plastisol inks. Plastisol ink contains no air-polluting solvents or volatile organic compounds. The manufacture, transportation, storage, use, and disposal of plastisol inks do not cause injury, illness, or environmental contamination as long as the appropriate safety and environmental protection procedures are followed. Most plastisol inks have a Health Rating of 1 (hazard – slight), a Flammability Rating of 1 (hazard – slight), a Reactivity Rating of 0 (hazard – minimal) and a Personal Protection Rating of B (wear safety glasses and gloves).

Do you use water based inks?

We utilize water based inks for special effects applications and per customer requirements.

Are water based inks environmentally friendly?

Our research in this area has not led to any determination or indication that the chemicals used in water based inks are any more or less safe to manufacture, use, or dispose of than the chemicals used in plastisol inks, assuming that in both cases the chemicals are processed in accordance with applicable health, safety and environmental protection regulations. Our ethical practices and California State law require adherence to the highest standards of safe handling and safe disposal of water based inks